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About us

New social platform for home interior

Esther’s is a new social platform for home interior where users inspire each other to create the home of their dreams. By sharing and discovering inspiration from our homes, and adding product links, notes, or other information about what’s in the photos, we help each other make inspiration a reality. Esther's vision is to be the one and only destination for the home interior. By making inspiration shoppable, we will monetize creator marketing while allowing consumers to create the home that they love, and for retailers to get closer to their core customers.


Be inspired

  • Discover inspiration from other people’s homes
  • Save favorites to collections
  • Follow influencers, creators, and users that inspire you
  • See your favorite home interior styled in real homes
  • Shop what you see - one click away

Inspire others and earn money on your style

  • Inspire others by sharing your content
  • Tag posts with product links, product notes, or other tips
  • Create collections and share them with followers
  • Grow your brand
  • Earn money on the sales you generate

Making inspiration shoppable

Every time a consumer doesn’t know where to buy something they want, it’s not only frustrating for the consumer, but also a missed opportunity of sales for a retailer. Further, the person who created the content misses out on a potential commission for marketing a product that led to a sale. It’s a loose-loose-loose situation that very well could be, and should be, a win-win-win situation. We solve this by making inspiration shoppable while monetizing creator marketing.

“By linking user-generated inspiration to a purchasing opportunity, we enable users to create their dream homes and companies to reach their key customers.“

Feedback, questions and collaborations

Do you have ideas, feedback or questions for us? Are you interested in a collaboration? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you! Contact us on